U.S. student being held in prison in Iran
U.S. student being held in prison in Iran
File photo shows Iranian women prisoners covering their faces as they sit in a room during a tour for journalists of the notorious Evin prison in Tehran, Iran on June 13, 2006. Esha Momeni, 28, An Iranian-American student from Los Angeles is imprisoned in Tehran and is not being allowed to talk to her family, her attorney says. Momeni, described as a researcher looking into the status of women in Iran, was pulled over for a traffic infraction in Tehran on Oct. 15 and is now being held at the notorious Evin prison. Momeni has been allowed one phone conversation since her arrest, which her attorney says may have been related to the One Million Signatures campaign, in which women in Iran are pressing for more rights. Several Iranian-Americans were held for months in Iran last year because the government suspected them of working for a "velvet revolution," and were eventually released without being charged, the BBC reported. (UPI Photo/Mohammad Kheirkhah)
October 30, 2008
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American student held in Iranian Prison
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