Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Girls and boys, as young as three, trim threads and pull basting stitches in a common factory setting. Children perished in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire on March 25, 1911 in New York, New York. March 25, 2011 is the 100th anniversary of the fire when 146 factory workers died after building mangers locked doors leading to all exits. Eye witness accounts by United Press reporter William G. Shepherd along with other reports during the following days and weeks brought the conditions of garment worker into public scrutiny. UPI/Lewis Hine/Cornell University
March 23, 2011
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Triangle Factory Fire, Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, New York, Triangle Fire, 1911, Unions, Garment, William G. Shepherd, UPI, United Press
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