Democrat Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (L), oldest child of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, and Republican incumbent Helen Delich Bentley (R), both shown in recent photo files, are the contenders for Maryland’s 2nd congressional district seat. Photo released on October 6, 1986. (UPI Photo/Gary Fine/Files)
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Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend, born July 4, born 1951, lieutenant governor, Maryland, 1995-2003, unsuccessful run for Governor of Maryland 2002, eldest daughter, Robert F. Kennedy, Ethel Skakel Kennedy, Kennedy, political family, clan, cum laude Harvard University, University of New Mexico law school, attorney, lost to Helen Delich Bentley 41% to 59% in 2nd congressional district election, first Kennedy to lose, assistant Attorney General, State Board of Education, Clinton administration, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, married David Lee Townsend, tutor, professor, St. John's College, Annapolis, running mate to Parris Glendening, endorsed Hillary Clinton, Bentley won
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